Democrats’ Right to Contraception Act (S.B. 4557), despite its name, is not about birth control. If it were, it would make contraception available over the counter and cheaper — which this bill does NOT do. The bill’s name is to play politics and bash Republicans for not voting for it, while its contents use what seems reasonable to hide an extreme agenda. 

Here’s what the bill would actually do: The bill would override current federal safeguards and could require doctors to sterilize minors for life without parental knowledge or consent, simply because the minor believed that was what he or she wanted.

In fact, it would more accurately be called the Stealth Sterilization of Minors Act.

The Left is trying to scare women into thinking that Republicans would take away access to contraceptives if Republicans control the House come January 2023. The truth is that Republican political leaders and Republican voters – including 80% of those who self-identify as pro-life – overwhelmingly support access to contraception. 

Contraception is not at risk.

Contact your Senators and tell them: Vote NO on S.B. 4557.