House Democrats recently rammed through the Bernie-Biden Budget Bill, without input from either side, using shady legislative maneuvers, and riding on the coattails of the bipartisan infrastructure bill to get it through. We need your help to urge the Senate to vote on these trillion dollar bills separately and to oppose the $3.5 trillion Bernie-Biden Budget Bill.

This $3.5 trillion Bernie-Biden Budget is the largest tax-and-spend bill in HISTORY. It contains many extremist, even socialist, policy proposals. And it proposes the most radical changes to our country in history, particularly in expanding government control over almost every aspect of American life.

It is the product of Bernie Sanders’ lifelong socialist vision for our country. And we literally cannot afford it.

That’s why we need your help to stop it from progressing in the Senate. Even just ONE Democrat Senate vote could kill it. To make it easy on you, we’ve prepared some suggested tweets and graphics for you to use, and we’ve provided some of the senators’ Twitter handles and hashtags that you can incorporate into your tweets.

Please tweet at your senators and urge them to vote AGAINST the Bernie-Biden Budget Bill. Thank you for doing your part to help us stop this radical budget and extremist agenda.

We’ve made it easy:

  1. Select a senator’s Twitter handle
  2. Select one of the Tweet variations 
  3. Click and download a graphic to add to your tweet
  4. Add everything to Twitter and TWEET, TWEET, TWEET!

Senators to Tweet
Tag these senators in your tweet(s) where you see @HANDLE

Copy Variations

V1  The #BernieBidenBill will:
– Give govt control over preschools & daycare
– Destroy flexible jobs for women, students, & disabled
– Greenlight more spending, ⬆️ inflation
@HANDLE Please vote NO on the #BernieBidenBudget. It will hurt too many women like me. #IWV

V2 The #BernieBidenBill will make the federal govt the biggest player in our daycare & preschool systems. We don’t want public K-12 school problems (CRT battles, school closures & poor performance) to extend to babies & toddlers. Vote NO on the #BernieBidenBudget @HANDLE. #IWV

V3 The #BernieBidenBill = the #GreenNewDeal & far-left wishlist. It’ll destroy flexible jobs for women, students, the elderly & the disabled at a time when they need them MOST. @HANDLE ⚠️ vote AGAINST the #BernieBidenBudget. The cost of inaction is too great. #IWV

V4 Another $4 trillion in spending. Increasing Inflation. Skyrocketing costs of basic goods like meat, bread, shoes, gas, & more. 💥 This is the #BernieBidenBill… a #socialist dream that @POTUS is trying to make a reality. @HANDLE, vote AGAINST the #BernieBidenBudget. #IWV

V5 Amnesty for undocumented immigrants isn’t “human infrastructure.” We must deal with immigration and the southern border, but not like this. @HANDLE say no to #BernieBidenBill #IWV

V6 The #BernieBidenBill is the LARGEST tax-and-spend bill in HISTORY. 💰💰 Its $3.5 TRILLION price tag is the same amount the federal government spent in ALL of 2019! It’ll be paid for off the backs of hardworking Americans. @HANDLE: VOTE NO on the bill. #IWV

V7 ⚠️The #BernieBidenBill is the brainchild of Bernie Sanders’ lifelong #socialist dream. He is proposing a radical expansion of government, historic spending levels, and sky-high taxes, at a time of record-high #inflation. @HANDLE: vote NO.⛔️ #IWV

V8 💰The $3.5 trillion #BernieBidenBill is the highest spending bill in HISTORY. Yet, @BernieSanders thinks it’s not enough… and still wants MORE. But he wants me, the taxpayer, to pay for it. @HANDLE: VOTE NO. #IWV

V9 The $3.5 trillion #BernieBidenBill proposes the most radical changes to govt in history. It is the product of @BernieSanders lifelong socialist vision for our country:

-Expands govt control
-Reckless spending
-Makes taxpayers pay for it

V10 Do you know what’s in the #BernieBidenBill?
– Amnesty for illegal immigrants
– Medicare expansion
– Govt control of pre-k

V11 Did you know the $3.5 trillion #BernieBidenBill + all House Democrat spending since 2019 is more than ALL the taxes paid by Americans in U.S. history? Just shows how wasteful + reckless @BernieSanders @SpeakerPelosi @JoeBiden are with our tax dollars. @HANDLE Vote NO. #IWV

V12 The #BernieBidenBill will kill Americans’ wages + drive up costs even more. It will cause an even worse #inflation explosion.
Already, inflation has caused:
– Gas ⬆️ 45.1%
– Clothing ⬆️ 4.9%
– Food ⬆️ 2.4%
@HANDLE: #StopTheSpending >> Vote NO. #IWV

V13 🚨🚨 The #BernieBidenBill rolls back worker freedom and flexibility. It would DESTROY independent contracting, freelance, and gig economy jobs… at a time when Americans need them most. 🚨🚨 Please vote AGAINST it @HANDLE. #IWV

V14 Did you know the #BernieBidenBill:
– Eliminates “right to work” protections
– Eradicates low-cost traditional electricity
– Extends green cards to illegal migrants
– Expands govt-controlled healthcare
🛑@HANDLE: vote NO.🛑 #IWV

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