Government-run public schools are failing to teach children core skills. Worse, they use our schools to push political agendas—and divisive curricula like Critical Race Theory—that are at odds with what parents want. 

Why would we double down on giving government MORE control of bringing up children? 

That’s what the $1.75T spending bill would do:  

  • Government would become the primary funder of day care and preschool. 
  • With big money will come big strings.
  • Government wants to decide:
    WHAT children are taught,
    WHERE they will spend their time, and
    WHO can care for and teach them.

That should be PARENTS’ decision, not Uncle Sam’s.

President Biden and Democrats in Congress have been scheming behind closed doors on ways to expand government control of day care and preschools.

To ram it through without anyone really noticing, opposing, or debating this radical expansion of government control, they chose to plug it into the $1.75 trillion spending bill.

Government can help parents by giving them resources. But parents should decide who cares for and teaches their kids. 

Join the fight against the government taking over child care. Spread the word in your community. Make your views known with your senators—and warn your local private preschool and childcare center about these looming threats.

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