The U.S. Constitution states that the president “shall nominate” justices of the Supreme Court “with the Advice and Consent of the Senate.” The Constitution makes no exception for an election year. 

The President fulfilled his duty and nominated a stellar candidate: Judge Amy Coney Barrett. She is widely recognized by her peers as a brilliant scholar, a favorite teacher, a fair-minded jurist, and devoted mother and friend. Judge Barrett is an incredible role model for American women and girls. 

Most importantly, Judge Barrett is committed to the Constitution and understands that the role of a judge is to apply the law as written, not to rewrite it as she would like it to be.  

There are some people who seek to demonize Judge Barrett for political gain. Some radical feminist groups—who say they stand for women—are already working to tear her down. We’ve seen these tactics before, but they should have no place in the confirmation process.

Contact your senators. Tell them to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barretta strong, principled, fair-minded womanto serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.