The radical wing of the Democratic Party has been determined to get “universal child care” and “universal pre-k” rammed into the massive trillion-dollar spending bill… and they managed to do so without any vetting and before they broke for recess (a fitting term for their child-like antics).

While these programs SOUND good, they’re incredibly restrictive (not to mention incredibly expensive).

Are you worried that your faith-based, home-based, or private childcare facility will disappear under a this government-takeover? Share your story below.

Share Your Childcare Story

If the federal government takes over child care and preschool, faith-based, home-based, and private childcare providers will face massive new regulations. The government will have new say over WHO can teach at these centers; WHAT can be taught; and HOW those facilities must be set up. They will dangle taxpayer funding at them, but will it be worth it?  Will these centers really be able to stay open? Or will they all become cookie-cutter institutional facilities like too many of our K-12 government-run public schools and focused on indoctrinating, rather than educating and caring for, our kids?

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