The Hope Agenda encourages leaders to talk about and offer solutions on some of the most important issues that women, as well as Independents, Hispanics, and younger Americans, care deeply about and want addressed. 

This first part of the Hope Agenda is focused on five core issues: requiring real healthcare prices upfront, protecting free speech, guaranteeing parents school transparency, ensuring safe borders, and protecting women’s spaces, safety, and opportunities.  

The Hope Agenda includes five candidate commitments Americans can encourage candidates to sign to make sure they stand with us in advancing these policy solutions:

Patient Protection Commitment – supports true healthcare price transparency and affordability—implementation of which would drop our nation’s health care costs 40% and would benefit patients and businesses rather than private equity investors and the healthcare special interest groups.

Free Speech Commitment –  promotes free speech and opposes cancel-culture and the psychological slavery it engenders.

Trust Through Transparency Commitment – commits to schools being transparent and pro-parent, returning schools to teaching academics and pathways to success, not ideology and victimhood.

Safe Borders Commitment – highlights the importance of securing borders to prevent economic, national security and public health issues in America, applying the same rules we have for entering the country via air to those coming by land.

Stand with Women Commitment – defines what a woman is and lets constituents know who is pro-woman, pro-science, and will fight for policies that prevent sex discrimination and preserve women’s rights, safety, and opportunities.