Culture of Alarmism

Americans are bombarded with messages about how everyday products and activities threaten their health and the health of their children; politicians and government regulators then use this alarmism to promote regulations that expand their power. The costs of this dynamic are serious: wasted tax dollars, higher costs and inferior goods for consumers, fewer jobs in companies navigating through red tape, and a needlessly worried, less free American populace. The Independent Women’s Voice supports common sense policy solutions and an effective regulatory process.


America is blessed with a safe, abundant and diverse food supply. That is largely due to technological advances in agricultural methods and food manufacturing. These advances enable farmers to increase yield using less land and fewer chemicals and allows the food industry to maximize the value of their resources. This trend must continue. Policy makers should encourage innovation in farming and food production.


Americans are often being misled about the dangers they face when it comes to the use of common chemicals. Instead of focusing on real risks, families are being told to fear everyday household cleaners, children’s toys, canned food and even school supplies, none of which pose any meaningful risk when used as intended. Activists attempt to use Americans’ fear to push for more, unnecessary government regulation, which can have the effect of making our products more scarce and costly and, ironically, less safe. Americans need to keep in mind the important role that chemicals actually play in our life: They make products safer, our homes, schools, and hospitals cleaner, medical equipment more accessible and they raise the standard of living for people around the world.


Americans need dependable, affordable energy to heat our homes, fuel our cars, and power our economy. We need policies that facilitating this process—from exploration to the transportation, storage, and development of energy products—while also protecting our environment. Unfortunately, some radical environmentalists demonize fossil fuels and extraction practices such as hydraulic fracturing, arguing that they will irrevocably damage the planet and ruin our water supply. Yet the good news is that our environment has been steadily improving and that better, more environmentally friendly methods are being developed to access the energy we need. Policymakers should rely on sound science to create commonsense regulations that protect the environment, without unnecessarily damaging our economy and pushing up the costs of energy for hardworking American families.

Child Safety

Parents are told everything from everyday products, food, medicine, and even their own parenting habits are a danger to their kids. Yet it is precisely this alarmism that’s really harming American children’s development. We all want kids to avoid serious injury, but we can’t and shouldn’t regulate away every scraped knee. While safety and protection is certainly important, kids also deserve the chance to explore, have fun, and to just be kids.

Food Freedom

A growing number of food activists are creating a sense of alarm about certain foods, as well as the overall state of health in America to justify greater regulation, higher taxes, and more government control over Americans’ food choices. These “good for you” measures will only lead to higher prices, fewer food choices and job losses in the food industry.