Independent Women's Voice Applauds Cut, Cap, and Balance Act

Heather  Higgins,  President  and  CEO  of  Independent  Women's  Voice, applauds that the passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment before raising the debt ceiling.

“Too often those who support business-as-usual Washington spending demonize any cutbacks as  an  assault  on  women.    But  American  women  know  that  what  is  really  hurting  our  families is  the  recklessness  of  Washington  politicians  who  are  wasting  our  tax  dollars,  burdening  our children,  and  strangling  the  private  sector.    Women  manage  to  cut  their  own  family  budgets to live within their means – and those are real cuts, not just smaller increases that politicians mislabel.

“Washington  is  in  sore  need  of  political  leaders  who  are  committed  to  restoring  government to  its  proper  size,”  said  Higgins.  “Senators  Lee  and  Toomey  are  providing  that  leadership  and offering  meaningful  proposals  the  will  begin  the  process  of  bringing  down  our  national  debt, and  most  importantly,  change  the  way  that  Washington  does  business  so  that  short-sighted politicians."

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