In April of 2010, IWV conducted a survey to assess the performance of candidates and issues in the three-way special election in President Obama’s reliably liberal, native district, HI-01. Our poll showed that the more moderate Democrat, Ed Case, was leading, but that an emphasis on certain issues might change the debate and make a difference.

IWV knew that there was no guarantee of having an impact in a liberal area such as this one, but that the greater the awareness among voters of Ed Case’s actual record on on key issues, the better the odds, both that Case might not be the victor, as well as that even if he were elected, that perhaps IWV could make an impression on key issues going forward.

As no other group weighed in to see if they could change the likely outcome of the race, IWV launched a campaign to build greater awareness among citizens of Ed Case’s actual record on taxes and spending, as well as his ethical and professional judgement, through an advertisement and website. After seeing IWV's ad buy, the DCCC pulled support from the race. Republican Charles Djou not only won the election, but Ed Case, who had been leading, came in not second, but third!