IWV has worked tirelessly to provide all Americans with a better healthcare system that will offer more affordable options and patient-centered care.

Step 1: Repeal ObamaCare

America’s healthcare system has long had a problem with rising costs and limited access. These problems are largely a result of government interventions that distorted the health care and health insurance marketplace. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act, known as ObamaCare, went further in the direction of government controlling the health care market, which has made our problems worse, leaving Americans with fewer options, even higher health care prices, less access to care, and discouraging innovation. We need to start over by repealing ObamaCare so that we can replace it with a better, patient- centered system. Learn more by visiting:

Step 2: No Washington Exemption

IWV has worked to hold politicians accountable for the laws they pass, including the Affordable Care Act. Under the law, Members of Congress and their staffs were supposed to participate in the ObamaCare exchanges and pay for this insurance personally, without a subsidy or employer assistance. The Administration ignored this provision, giving Members of Congress and their staff a special deal. This is an outrage: The law should be enforced as written, rather than allowing Washington to once again play by their own, special set of rules. Learn more by visiting:

Step 3: Better System

IWV is committed to creating a healthcare system that gives patients access to better care at a price they can afford. We must give control back to patients and doctors instead of politicians, bureaucrats, insurance companies, drug companies, and large hospitals. We can do this by creating a market-based insurance system in which health insurance companies compete for business, so individuals can shop for the policies they want at the best possible price. Government has an important role to play in providing a safety net for those with preexisting conditions and who cannot afford insurance on their own. Learn more by visiting: