The United States has the best, most innovative health care system in the world. Our system has its problems: rising costs and barriers to obtaining insurance for too many. IWV wants positive, patient-centered health care reforms to address problems with the current health care system while preserving the system's best attributes.

Unfortunately, the recently passed health care law moves our country and our health care system in the wrong direction. IWV has been working to highlight the consequences of government- run health care: higher health care costs, more bureaucracy, higher premiums, higher taxes, fewer job opportunities, less access to care and lower quality of care. To learn more about our campaign against the government takeover of health care, click here.

Today, IWV continues to fight to REPEAL the counterproductive health care law and REPLACE it with positive reforms. IWV is working to raise awareness about superior ways to reform the health care system: reforms that put power in the hands of the people, trust patients and doctors to make life-and-death health decisions, and use market forces to control costs and encourage efficiency.

IWV is committed to making this issue a top priority in the coming election, by asking candidates to take this pledge.

To find out more about how you can get involved in our health care campaign, click here.