Innovation in Communication

Women and Independents, facing ever-changing opportunities, challenges and life choices, can benefit from free market solutions that promote and support their personal liberty and success.
IWV is committed to reaching out to, educating, and supporting these individuals in innovative and effective ways.

Old Model:
Communicate With Conservatives Only
Turn Out the Base

Our Model:
Make New Allies
Expand the Base by Changing Minds

Reaching out to Under-Served Markets – The two biggest threats to freedom today are the government takeover of health care and ill-conceived regulation and bureaucracy. Our purpose is to change public policy by changing how women and Independents understand the effects of such issues in their everyday lives. Our unique perspective allows us to see opportunities where others do not.

A Different Approach – To change foundational beliefs among our target audience, we use innovative ways not only to change minds, but for people to change their own minds. We use proven educational techniques, peer-to-peer outreach and other engagements delivered with creative brands in the right environment with the appropriate tone. These methods are as educational for us as they are for our audience; we rigorously test our results and develop messages and delivery methods based on new knowledge.

Start Small, Innovate, & Test – Women and independents are not reached by most conservative messaging because it isn't designed to reach them. Rather, standard conservative messaging is based on what is most motivating for those who are already ardently conservative. That is not our model: we engage in research and real world rigorous testing of a range of approaches to best reach these specific audiences. Only once we know they work do we scale up.

Choosing The Tough Fights – Special elections in Hawaii, South Carolina, Massachusetts and Wisconsin are only a few examples of how IWV volunteers for the most difficult challenges. Such contests, in which we are the only ones targeting certain groups or the only ones in the race at all, are powerful demonstrations of the impact we have.