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Earned Leave For New Parents

Flexible, voluntary, and targeted: Americans need policies that support people’s unique needs and preferences for paid time off from work.

Help build support for voluntary, flexible paid leave options.

America’s diverse, dynamic workforce needs flexible options that work for each unique worker, not a one-size-fits-all government-imposed paid leave regime.

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Policymakers at the state and local level are proposing one-size-fits-all paid leave mandates and programs in the name of helping workers who need time away from work. However, these well-intentioned policies backfire on workers, particularly women and low-income workers, by destroying true flexibility and limiting opportunity. There are better ways to help workers who currently lack paid leave benefits without these unintended consequences.


We have the opportunity to help workers who lack paid leave: There are voluntary, budget neutral proposals that would give workers access to financial support when they need leave, without changing the rules for the majority of workers who already have leave or are happy with their existing arrangements.

Sweeping new entitlement programs or employment mandates backfire on workers: They make it less likely that those who are out of work will find jobs, they destroy workplace flexibility, and they discourage innovative win-win solutions for employers and employees, and disproportionately burden low income workers and women. There is a better way.

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Paid Family Leave

We all want every American family to have access to the time they need to balance work and family life. We can do more to make this a reality.

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Earned Leave

Earned benefits are a proposed solution to expand access to paid family leave without raising taxes, growing the government, or hurting workers’ economic opportunities.

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