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Energy Innovation and the Environment

We all want to protect the environment; the best path to do so is to encourage innovation and responsible action, not to create unworkable regulations and mandates that fail energy consumers and the environment.

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The Biden administration and Democrats in Congress are pushing an extreme environmental agenda that seeks to transform the American economy by eliminating fossil fuels and leaving us entirely dependent on renewable (and unreliable) energy sources.  This is a recipe for skyrocketing energy costs, regular power disruptions, and fewer jobs—all without meaningfully helping the environment.

Renewable energy sources have made great advancements. But unlike other forms of energy, solar and wind depend on factors out of human control—the weather, region, or time of day. An even bigger challenge for renewable energy sources is their inability to consistently generate enough energy to power big towns or cities. For most renewables, what’s generated must be immediately used, unlike fossil or nuclear power plants, which can readily be turned on and off based on demand. Nuclear power is already the largest source of zero-emission power in the U.S., but because it doesn’t qualify as a “renewable” energy source, it’s being underutilized and overlooked.

Instead of focusing on 100% renewable energy sources, which would put the U.S. electricity grid at risk, the Biden administration should better utilize all forms of clean energy, including nuclear and other promising energy innovations such as carbon capture.


We all want to protect the environment, but extreme climate mandates would do more harm than good.

Rising populations around the world are going to use more energy and produce more carbon dioxide emissions. Despite the narrative of the Biden administration and environmental extremists, there is no tool to tax or regulate away other countries’ emissions. In order to reduce global emissions and meaningfully improve environments, America must focus on developing and building clean, affordable, and exportable technologies.

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The Climate & Clean Energy

A combination of innovation and conservation will point the way to clean, affordable and reliable energy both here and abroad.

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