Energy Policy

IWV supports common-sense energy policies that prioritize an abundant, reliable, and affordable energy supply while also fostering a healthy and growing economy.

Renewable Fuel Mandates:

Fossil fuels help the quality of life for all Americans, keeping energy afforable, reliable, as well as keeping down food and other costs and helping job growth. IWV supports policymakers who are committed to reducing artificial barriers to domestic energy production rather than creating costly and unworkable mandates for the usage of renewable energy sources. Learn more by visiting:

Fracking Bans:

Fracking allows oil and gas producers to access reserves of energy that were previously inaccessible, locked into dense underground shale formations. This has led to a recent U.S. energy boom, benefitting American consumers who have enjoyed huge savings from the declining price of energy. Comprehensive studies of fracking suggest that there is minimal risk to the environment and to citizens, and that common-sense safety precautions can mitigate those risks. Learn more by visiting:

Green Energy Tax Breaks:

Rather than forcing taxpayers to pay for expensive, unproven green projects, policymakers should let the market determine which energy sources are best. A free market in which energy providers compete to provide the best technologies and value for consumers will create more jobs, drive down energy costs, and encourage greater innovation. Learn more by visiting: