Opportunity Economy

IWV believes that big government hinders, not advances, women’s opportunities in the workplace, and seeks to reduce unnecessary red tape that leads to less flexible workplaces and fewer good jobs.

Understanding the Wage Gap:

Women and men often make different choices about the types of jobs to take and how to spend their time. These different choices and preference are the main reason that women, on average, earn less than men do. Neither sexes’ choices are innately superior than the other’s. Proposed solutions to close the wage and expand government oversight over how employees are compensated could backfire on women, by creating a one-size-fits- all employment system with less flexibility and by making women less attractive hires. A flexible, dynamic workplace is what women really want and need. Learn more by visiting:


Minimum Wage:

Government efforts to reduce poverty by imposing a higher minimum wage result in fewer jobs and less opportunity, particularly for low-skilled and low-wage workers. Also, since businesses have to make up for higher employment costs with a higher minimum wage, costs for products and services also rise, hurting consumers. The best way to help those with low- incomes is to make sure that job opportunities are plentiful so they can gain skills and move up the economic ladder. Learn more by visiting:


Government Worker Unions:

People working for the government deserve to be fairly compensated and treated well by their employers. However, taxpayers also deserve to be treated fairly and shouldn’t have to support gold-plated benefit packages and supersized compensation for government workers. Unfortunately, for too long, politicians have promised government workers compensation that is far greater than the public could afford. Taxpayers deserve for their elected representatives to make reasonable changes to current employment contracts, and, most importantly, to create a more just, transparent process for negotiating employment contracts and compensating government workers. Learn more by visiting: