Bridging the Gaps

The conservative base is important—but not sufficient to win the various fights before us. And unfortunately, too many of the messages used to rally the conservative base are actually counterproductive with persuadable Americans. 

Independent Women’s unique purpose is to be the additive, essential bridge between conservative ideas and persuadable Americans. In so doing, IW bridges the three critical gaps: perception about conservatives (whether combating stereotypes or reframing narratives), persuasion of persuadables (with a range of better messages, delivered in a variety of ways), and creating a needed community to help conservative solutions gain mainstream traction. 

The Hope Agenda

The Hope Agenda offers solutions on some of the most important issues that women, as well as Independents, Hispanics, and younger Americans, care deeply about and want addressed. Leaders should too.

The Hope Agenda includes six salient issues of high importance we need to help elevate into the national conversation in 2024: requiring real healthcare prices upfront, protecting free speech, guaranteeing parents school transparency, ensuring safe borders, protecting women’s spaces, safety, and opportunities and boosting financial security for 50+ year-old women.


The Hope Agenda has five candidate commitments Americans can encourage candidates to sign to make sure they stand with us in advancing these policy solutions.



Messaging on Abortion

A note from Independent Women’s Voice CEO Heather Higgins

“Just as in 2022, it’s clear that the left is going to be driving abortion as an issue in 2024. The issue is even more challenging now for conservatives. So how do we win with this headwind? Suasion Insights, my messaging consulting firm, has completed the first stage of research—benchmarking current practices—on the messaging and strategy challenges presented by the issue both to GOP victory and to the challenges to success within the pro-life movement.”


Title IX

Messaging to Women – How to Talk About:

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