State Representative Ken Paxton

P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX

March 21, 2011

Dear Legislator,

On behalf of Independent Women’s Voice, thank you for your leadership in advancing House Joint Resolution 24, the Texas Health Freedom Act.

The nationwide backlash against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has come in many forms: battles in federal courts, attempts to repeal and defund the act in Congress, and the passage of Health Freedom Acts in various state legislatures.  These efforts, along with consistently negative public polling results, are proof that the American people and their representatives do not favor the PPACA, and want to fight back against this big-government takeover of health care in every way they can.

The Health Freedom Act is a popular measure that has been filed in 41 separate states across the county.  In Texas, the Health Freedom Act is proposed as a constitutional amendment.  It would amend Article 1 of the state constitution to prohibit the state, a state agency, a state official, or a political subdivision from enacting, effectuating, collecting, or enforcing a penalty or sanction that would deny an individual's right to choose their health insurance coverage.  It would protect an individual's ability to participate – or not to participate – in the health care system, free of penalties or sanctions, and the right of individuals to purchase lawful services without fear of penalties or sanctions.  Finally, it would prevent the state legislature from over-reaching on any future health care reform initiatives in the way Congress over-reached on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

This constitutional amendment keeps individuals in control of their own health care instead of allowing the government to make or influence choices for us.  It confirms the common sense idea that these personal decisions should be made between patients and doctors.

The 111th Congress failed to protect individual rights when they passed the PPACA.  Our leaders promised a simplification of health care, a decrease in private and public spending, and better (or at least unchanged) coverage for all.  These promises have been broken. Mandates are causing premiums to rise, and public spending estimates have been revised upwards – spelling doom for our already out-of-control health care costs.  Federal bureaucrats have waived requirements for nearly a thousand groups already, affecting millions of workers, while other businesses and groups must comply, creating an unfair and arbitrary process.  Seniors are seeing their coverage dropped, and families have fewer options for insuring their children. 

Now it is up to the states to stand up for the rights of those that the federal government disregarded.  Independent Women’s Voice urges the state legislature in Texas to pass this important amendment.  All 50 states should follow the lead of states like Texas and file legislation today that puts personal freedom first and stops the government takeover of health care.  Thank you again for your important work on this critical issue



Carrie Lukas

Vice President for Policy and Economics

Independent Women’s Voice