The ObamaCare Repeal Pledge with a difference: We’ve created a candidate pledge that goes farther than any other: this is the pledge that makes it clear where candidates stand, and holds our representatives accountable both to the specific processes of repealing the health care legislation as well as to all the necessary incremental steps along the way they can and should  be taking until repeal is possible.

And this candidate pledge doesn't stand alone: you give it teeth.

We not only urge you to ask your candidates to sign The Repeal Pledge, but we also know that politicians will only realize how serious we are if you sign The People's Promise, the citizen's petition that specifically references the pledge you want candidates to sign: that way you make it absolutely clear that you will not to support any candidate who won't agree to work for repeal, the standards you expect them to uphold, and the fact that you'll hold them accountable.

We’ll let you know the minute the pledge and promise are up ready to be signed.

Why is this so crucial?

Blogger Bill Pascoe explains why pledges are so effective:

The most famous and useful pledge in American politics, of course, is the Americans for Tax Reform "Taxpayer Protection Pledge," the granddaddy of them all on the conservative side. …

Two promises, one sentence, a binary pledge — this is an either-or proposition, exactly what candidates need to distinguish themselves from their opponents. No shades of gray allowed, it's a yes-no, up-down, black-white issue. It forces candidates to take a clear stand — you're either a signer, or you're not.

Pascoe also mentions IWV:

Enter our friends at Independent Women's Voice, who, after much consultation with allies and even more gnashing of teeth, have created a binary pledge on health care, called The Repeal Pledge. …

The IWV Repeal Pledge, to be unveiled and circulated to candidates shortly, will provide the kind of binary pledge necessary to re-inject the healthcare issue into campaigns all across the country, giving voters an opportunity to make a clear choice on the healthcare issue.

The only question is, will candidates opposed to ObamaCare be smart enough to use The Repeal Pledge to distinguish themselves from their opponents? Or will Republicans once again muff a chance?