You’ve heard an awful lot by now about Ohio’s Issue 2, but a lot of it’s been misleading. So let’s get some facts straight, right from the start:

Fact Number One: Government employees are compensated 43% MORE than other hardworking taxpayers.

In tough economic times, hardworking taxpayers can no longer afford to pay government union benefits that are 70% higher than non-government employees.

Fact Number Two: Issue 2 asks government employees to pay their fair share.

Ohio is hurting. Families and communities are struggling. But with Issue 2, we can save taxpayer dollars and fix our state.

Issue 2 asks government employees to help, by paying 10% toward their guaranteed pension and at least 15% toward their health insurance. With many families paying far more than that, asking government employees to chip in isn’t asking a lot. Issue 2’s reasonable reforms will save taxpayer dollars, and make Ohio stronger.

Fact Number Three: Issue 2 IMPROVES student learning by rewarding Ohio’s best teachers and pushing underperforming teachers to improve.

Finally, we get a vote for schools that doesn’t come with a tax increase.

Good teachers will finally be rewarded for the job they do and the results they achieve in the classroom – not getting raises just for showing up. Not all teachers want this change, but isn’t it about time the educators who teach our children get paid to deliver?

Issue 2 is the first step toward restoring balance between unions and hardworking taxpayers. There are lobbyists for every group – but no one is speaking out and defending the hardworking taxpayers of Ohio.

Most taxpayers have already sacrificed in these tough times. They don’t get guaranteed pensions. They’re working longer hours to make less money. And now opponents of Issue 2 want your taxes to go even higher.

Isn’t it time we began treating hardworking taxpayers fairly?