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Democrats Blame Out-Of-State Guns for Chicago's Carnage, Not Gun Control or Anti-Police Policies
July 29 2020

Vandals, Marxists, Antifa Lay Siege to Portland, While Dems Decry Federal Intervention
July 22 2020

Cancel Culture Punishes Goya Foods Over Pro-Trump Remarks; Calls for Boycott Land With a Thud
July 15 2020

Marxist Mobs Sweep Into Cities, Call for Defunding of Police, Tear Down Statues and Create Havoc
July 8 2020

COVID-19 Shows Why Borders Are Necessary
July 6 2020

Trump Makes Punishing Leftist Anarchists for Desecrating Monuments a Priority
July 1 2020

Marxist-Anarchist Mobs Destroy Statues, Trample on History and Seek to Remove Trump
June 24 2020

What Women Want: Affordable, Shoppable Health Care And If Congress Listens, They Just Might Get It
June 15 2020

Democrats Exploit Well-Meaning Passions in Cities Seeking Relief
June 10 2020

The Left's Poisoning of the Educational Infrastructure
June 3 2020

'Mr. President, the Nation Needs to Hear From You'
May 31 2020

Joe Biden's 'You Ain't Black' Comment: The Scourge of the Left's Identity Politics
May 28 2020

N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Careless Cruelty Shows in Coronavirus Nursing Home Policy
May 20 2020

Government Overreach and the Jailing of Shelley Luther
May 13 2020

Joe Biden Exposes the Fraud of the #MeToo Movement
May 6 2020

The Negative Impact of Lockdown on Hospitals During the Pandemic
April 29 2020

Hypocritical Dems Ignore Biden Sexual Assault Allegations, but Embraced Kavanaugh Accuser
April 25 2020

A Fascist Bridge Too Far: Americans Are Asked to Snitch on Each Other During Coronavirus Crisis
April 22 2020

Pushing Back Against the Little Tyrants of the Coronavirus
April 15 2020

The Priority Is Getting States What They Need, Not What They Want
April 15 2020

Why Humanity Is Worth Saving and Why We Will Be Ok
April 8 2020

How Deadly Is the Coronavirus?
April 4 2020

Showing Respect in a Time of Lockdown Because of the Coronavirus Crisis
April 1 2020

Trump Appoints First Woman to Lead the National Counterterrorism Center
March 25 2020

Lessons From the Coronavirus Pandemic
March 18 2020

Blaming Donald Trump for the Coronavirus
March 11 2020

The False, Fear-Based Narratives That Drive Coronavirus Panic
March 5 2020

Bernie Sanders' Embrace of Castro and Socialism
February 26 2020

Democratic Whining and Identity Politics
February 19 2020

'Oscars 2020' Parades Hollywood's Contempt for Everyday Americans
February 12 2020

SOTU: A Story of Triumph for Trump but Not for the Democrats
February 5 2020

CNN Outdoes Itself With Arrogant and Smug Ridicule of Trump Supporters
January 30 2020

Women's March shrinks to a mere 10K Trump haters who can't acknowledge the president's successes
January 22 2020

Conservatives Should Be Open to a Trial in the Senate
January 21 2020

'It's a mess': Legislating failure and chaos with bail reform in New York
January 15 2020

Chelsea Clinton's dubious 'earnings'
January 8 2020

Epidemic of Attacks on Jews Is an Outgrowth of Democratic and Liberal Attitudes and Policies
January 2 2020

The Enduring Spirit and Optimism of the American People
December 26 2019

Obama's dangerous myth about women and leadership
December 18 2019

Joe Biden 'malarkeys' along, stoking the swamp
December 4 2019

Michael Bloomberg's icky plunge reveals Democratic desperation
November 27 2019

America’s Founders Would Be Disgusted By Deep State’s Effort To Stop Trump
November 26 2019

Chick-fil-A ends support to Salvation Army after bullying by left
November 20 2019

Why Aren’t We Taking Violence Against Women More Seriously?
November 14 2019

Why Nikki Haley's revelations about Rex Tillerson and John Kelly must be investigated
November 14 2019

Katie Hill may scold, but she's not a victim
November 6 2019

Washington State voters reconsider affirmative action
November 4 2019

Tiptoeing around the beast al-Baghdadi, Dems try to dismiss Trump's foreign policy chops
October 30 2019

Mitt Romney's grasp at anonymity: 'Pierre Delecto' is a passenger on the swamp express
October 24 2019

Martina Navratilova's loyalty to Trump-hating overlords
October 16 2019

Impeachment: The Democrats' chosen recourse to overturn 2016 election
October 9 2019

The case of the so-called Ukraine whistleblower scandal
October 3 2019

Trump Tries to Win Disaffected Women Back
October 2 2019

Climate change activism: The left's new power play
September 25 2019

The Kavanaugh lynch mob returns; once again, plot to defame drives Democratic playbook
September 18 2019

Sanford, Weld and Walsh: 'The Three Stooges' as Republican Primary Challengers
September 10 2019

Eric McCormack and Debra Messing tweets expose totalitarian instincts of liberals
September 5 2019

More Unhinged Rhetoric from the Left: Dems Call for Violence Against GOP
August 28 2019

Stacey Abrams Benefits From a 'Voter Suppression' Tale
August 23 2019

Buying Greenland: Trump Haters Mock the Idea, but China is Paying Attention
August 21 2019

'The Hunt' Movie Reveals Just How Far Liberals' Derangement Will Take Them
August 14 2019

How Democrats Exploit a Tragedy in Their Ghoulish Play for Power
August 8 2019

How Democrats destroyed Baltimore and other American cities, too
August 1 2019

Political correctness warriors at Berkeley could end up criminalizing language
July 24 2019

Calling 'The Squad' to Account
July 17 2019

Looney left says 'patriarchy' keeps office temperatures too low and iPhones too big
July 10 2019

'In God We Trust' prevails: Supreme Court rejects efforts by leftist atheist activists
July 3 2019

Media Manipulation of Conservative Women is a Disgrace
June 26 2019

Designate Drug Cartels As ‘Foreign Terrorist Organizations’
June 26 2019

'Gay reparation': Democrats reinforce the politics of resentment and victimhood
June 26 2019

Border Crisis Puts Everyone's Health at Risk – Pandemics Can't Become 'the New Normal'
June 19 2019

Failed Hillary Clinton play on Broadway mirrors failures in 2016
June 19 2019

Calif.'s free health care for illegal immigrants an unsustainable financial burden
June 12 2019

Americans facing threat of infectious diseases at the border
June 6 2019

Trump celebrates LGBT Pride month and the left just wants to keep stirring up division
June 3 2019

Democrats created a dystopian nightmare that is California
May 30 2019

A new folly of identity politics: 'Separate but equal' commencements
May 22 2019

Microsoft uses artificial intelligence to push what liberals think you should write
May 15 2019

How the left targets American history, statues and heroes
May 8 2019

False smear against Pete Buttigieg is sickening -- I don’t care what side of the aisle you’re on
May 5 2019

California bill creates permission slip for 'willful defiance' of teachers, staff
May 1 2019

Bernie Sanders and his cynical proposition: Giving incarcerated felons the vote
April 24 2019

'Easter worshipers?' How the language of the left avoids real discussion of terror
April 23 2019

Misleading Americans about the environment -- again
April 19 2019

The Fraying Edges of Universal Health Care
April 10 2019

The return of a familiar hypocrisy among Democrats as they defend Biden
April 3 2019

Crossing State Lines to Buy Insurance: Good Rhetoric, But Not a Good Idea
March 29 2019

Not a witch hunt, but a Trump hunt
March 27 2019

Executing a 'moratorium' on the death penalty in California
March 21 2019

U.S. Immigration System Shouldn’t Encourage Child Marriage
March 14 2019

More displays of fraud from Democrats
March 13 2019

The left's new arrogant heroes and their hypocritical views
March 6 2019

Exposing the obscenity of infanticide
February 28 2019

Why returning ISIS brides are not welcome
February 20 2019

Class warfare and the Democrats
February 13 2019

Virginia scandals show Dems aren't champions of women and minorities
February 9 2019

The Democrats' 'Green New Hoax'
February 6 2019

Hillary Clinton floats 2020 presidential run: 'Look, I'm not closing the doors to this'
January 30 2019

Chaos in the House: Pelosi knows the freshman caucus is out of control
January 24 2019

Liberals and Gillette characterizing all men as predators
January 16 2019

The Golden Globes show wallows in screeds, name-calling
January 9 2019

The train wreck called the 'Women's March'
January 2 2019

Melania Trump, first lady and role model, rises above Democratic pettiness
December 26 2018

California's liberal leprechauns scheme again
December 19 2018

Gauging the uptick in drug overdose deaths and suicide
December 5 2018

Streisand accuses Trump of misogyny while liberals turn on their own
November 28 2018

How the Right Can Prepare for 2020
November 25 2018

Worrisome freedom for would-be assassin John Hinckley
November 21 2018

The Democrats' pro-woman fraud
November 7 2018

The Democrats' never-ending meltdown
October 31 2018

'Migrant caravans,' the latest liberal distraction
October 24 2018

Elizabeth Warren and her little DNA story
October 17 2018

The Democrats go mean
October 12 2018

As Sexual Assault Survivors, We Don't Believe in Group Guilt or Denying Anyone the Presumption of Innocence
October 8 2018

Democrats just killed the blue wave
October 6 2018

Susan Collins' speech tells us a lot about the GOP and America
October 5 2018

Kavanaugh Chaos: Vote In The Midterms As Though Your Kids' Futures Depend On It
October 4 2018

Brett Kavanaugh Faces Senate Fabulists
October 3 2018

Colleges Favor Academics Over Activism
September 28 2018

Democrats Use Kavanaugh as Stand-In For All Perpetrators of Sexual Violence
September 27 2018

Kavanaughs smart to fight back against Dems determined to destroy them over a lost election
September 25 2018

Judge Kavanaugh and the weaponization of #MeToo
September 24 2018

Haters now call Trump supporters the ‘dregs of society‘
September 21 2018

The election that outraged liberals and made 'Fear' profitable
September 13 2018

Confronting the Persistent and Deadly Opioid Crisis
August 29 2018

'Bake the cake or else' is back: Baker who won high court ruling is under renewed assault
August 17 2018

For CNN, anyone on the left is 'anti-hate' -- even violent masked mayhem-driving thugs
August 14 2018

The left's 'identity politics' hypocrisy
August 8 2018

Hillary Clinton and her desire to run Facebook • Washington Times
May 30 2018

How philosopher Jordan Peterson will change the world • The Hill
May 30 2018

Hillary Clinton, Kirsten Gillibrand undercut their progress by mouthing female stereotypes • Washington Times
May 23 2018

Barack Obama gilds his legacy • Washington Times
May 16 2018

Schneiderman accusations show how he was shielded to protect Dem brand • Washington Times
May 9 2018

Chip and Joanna Gaines: Celebrating a commitment to family • Washington Times
May 2 2018

A bitter Hillary Clinton strikes again • The Washington Times
March 21 2018

How Hillary Clinton still misses the point • The Washington Times
March 15 2018

The Movement to Politicize Women
January 23 2018

Against the odds, Trump's agenda owned 2017 • The Hill
December 25 2017

Lessons from Alabama: GOP, throw out the old playbook • The Hill
December 16 2017

Trump's legacy so far: Totally reshaping how Washington works • The Hill
November 8 2017

A Prescription for GOP Victory • Real Clear Policy
October 31 2017

No apologies needed: White supremacists aren’t, and never were, part of the right • The Hill
August 16 2017

Force Congress’s Hand on Health Care • Wall Street Journal
July 23 2017

Congress, GOP's plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare is a good deal • The Hill
May 4 2017

Promised Made, Promises Kept • The Washington Times
May 4 2017

ObamaCare's Pre-Existing Condition Rules Sound Nice But Don't Work • The Hill
April 10 2017

To repeal, replace ObamaCare, GOP must reject the law's false premises • The Hill
April 4 2017

After healthcare fail, 4 ways to revise conservative playbook • The Hill
March 27 2017

This obscure Senate rule could let VP Mike Pence fully repeal ObamaCare once and for all • The Hill
March 22 2017

The $6,500 question on health care • USA Today
March 20 2017

Who’s Afraid of Ivanka Trump? • National Review
March 17 2017

6 steps for Republicans to show up at their own town halls and win • The Hill
February 28 2017

To End ObamaCare, Be Bold • Wall Street Journal
February 27 2017

The left needs a lesson in Trump's 'metamessaging' • The Hill
February 15 2017

Trump Follows Through on Promises, Paves the Way for Economic Growth • InsideSources
February 13 2017

The President Opens the ObamaCare Escape Hatch • Wall Street Journal
January 26 2017

Time for change: Obama's stale workplace regulations won't help women • Washington Examiner
January 23 2017

The Promise of President Trump • Wall Street Journal
January 20 2017

Let’s #MakeAmericaHealthyAgain • Daily Caller
January 11 2017

GOP needs to act fast on Obamacare • USA Today
January 4 2017

Reelecting Nancy Pelosi proves Dems reject voters' call for change • The Hill
December 1 2016

GOP Congress, be warned — voters want change, don’t fail to deliver • The Hill
November 21 2016

What President-Elect Donald Trump Should Do From This Point Onwards • IJReview
November 9 2016

Establishment Republicans, Make Way for Trump's New Coalition • The Hill
November 9 2016

Forthrightness Is What’s Needed From Our Political Leaders • Charleston Gazette-Mail
November 7 2016

If Dems will rig a debate for Clinton, what won't they do to win? • The Hill
November 1 2016

Why Trump’s “Wait and See” Was Brilliant • Ricochet
October 20 2016

Finally a Trump-Clinton Contest on the Issues • LifeZette
October 20 2016

The Question Facing Women: Should We Vote Based On Trump's Actions Or Clinton's Choices? • Independent Journal Review
October 19 2016

Trump’s Last Shot • LifeZette
October 19 2016

I'm with #WomenWhoVoteTrump because my other choice is Clinton • The Hill
October 14 2016

Trump the Survivor Comes Back • LifeZette
October 10 2016

Can a Big Win for Trump Right the Ship? • LifeZette
October 9 2016

An Informed Public: Conservatives’ Path to Winning • National Review
October 5 2016

The Real Problem with Maternity Leave • Washington Examiner
September 28 2016

Winning the Battle but Not the War • Inside Sources
September 28 2016

Hillary Won, But Trump Helped His Campaign • LifeZette
September 27 2016

Handicapping the First Trump-Clinton Debate • LifeZette
September 26 2016

Trump's Child Care Plans Should Appeal to Women -- And Many More • Forbes
September 14 2016

Helpless Hillary • Townhall
September 2 2016

Sexist or just silly? Painting Hillary as a fashion icon • New York Post
August 31 2016

My Money Is on a Trump Victory • National Review
August 29 2016

What To Learn from the Bern • The Huffington Post
August 2 2016

The Democratic Insider Convention • Washington Examiner
July 26 2016

The Government’s Do-Nothing Approach to EMP Threats • Townhall
June 20 2016

Hillary Is A Hard Sell To Millennials • Huffington Post
June 14 2016

Does Facebook Believe in Privacy? • Huffington Post
June 2 2016

The ACA's health insurance exchanges are sickly • Washington Examiner
May 19 2016

Why Hillary never makes Equal Pay Day pay off • New York Post
April 14 2016

Sorry to burst your special exemption bubble • Washington Examiner
April 5 2016

A Weekend Diversion via the American Spectator Gala • Ricochet
April 4 2016

Trump’s rise is a voter intervention • The Daily Journal
March 14 2016

Fun Lessons in Serious Conservatism • The American Spectator
March 8 2016

It Isn’t Just the Presidency at Stake • Ricochet
March 3 2016

Trump: The Kardashian of Politics • Huffington Post
February 29 2016

Judge Hillary on character, including Bill’s • The Times and Democrat
February 26 2016

College students need educators, not babysitters • New Boston Post
February 2 2016

Repealing Obamacare Isn’t Just Political Theatre • The Blaze
January 6 2016

National Security Dominates Final GOP Debate of 2015 • InsideSources
December 17 2015

The Litmus Test on Obamacare • National Review
December 9 2015

Winning Over Women: The Path to the Oval • The American Spectator
November 5 2015

Something Nearly Everyone Agrees About — Except Congress • The Daily Caller
October 22 2015

A winning issue for Republicans • The Washington Times
October 20 2015

Powerful litmus test for leadership • The Hill
October 1 2015

A litmus test for the next House Speaker • Foxs News
October 1 2015

The Outsiders: Public discontent and a new class of Presidential hopefuls • The American Spectator
September 28 2015

Conservatives: Stop Enabling Obamacare • National Review
July 31 2015

Americans deserve better ObamaCare oversight • The Hill
July 20 2015

Silver linings of King v. Burwell • The Hill
July 3 2015

Why Carly Fiorina’s feminism flummoxes liberals • New York Post
July 1 2015

A winning long-term strategy on the medical device tax • The Hill
June 18 2015

Redefining What’s Conservative • Townhall
June 17 2015

No, Congress is Not a Small Business • Ricochet
May 8 2015

Public Supports Obamacare Court Challenge, But Also Subsidies For The Newly Uninsured • Forbes
March 3 2015

Conservatism Can Win More People Over Than You Think • The Weekly Standard
January 22 2015

Leaders Dedicated to Paving a Way Forward for Health Care Policy • Huffington Post
October 17 2014

New VA Compromise Isn’t A Cure-All • Red Alert Politics
July 31 2014

Mike Pence is headed in wrong direction with Medicaid expansion • The Washington Examiner
July 29 2014

Government dysfunction: The power of pledges • The Seattle Times
July 28 2014

Lessons From Mississippi on Obamacare: It’s Not Just the Words, It’s the Music • Roll Call
July 2 2014

The Overlooked Election Issue • National Review
June 15 2014

Of Krugman and Cows • Ricochet
February 24 2014

Obamacare Triage: With Strategy This Time • National Review Online
November 22 2013

Cuccinelli is right: The Medicaid expansion is bad for Virginia • The Daily Caller
November 5 2013

Congress' Special Obamacare Exemption: The Silver Bullet Issue? • The Huffington Post
October 30 2013

History of a Shutdown • National Review Online
October 23 2013

The Canary in the Coal Mine: Will Congress heed the warning on their Obamacare exemptions? • The Weekly Standard
September 23 2013

Run Silent, Run Scared: Most agree Congress should not be exempt from ObamaCare • The Weekly Standard
September 10 2013

Gomez Failed to Make Obamacare an Issue: Will Republicans Learn or Lose? • Roll Call
June 27 2013

ObamaCare Propels Mark Sanford Back Into Office • Real Clear Politics
May 14 2013

Helping Mark Sanford Turn It Around • Politico
May 8 2013

ObamaCare’s pre-existing problems need a pragmatic fix • The Hill
April 23 2013

Good Messaging Can Win Budget and Entitlement Debate • Real Clear Politics
April 23 2013

Budget details meaningless without growth • USA Today
December 11 2012

McCaskill's voting record could hurt Missouri • Columbia Missourian
November 5 2012

Informed Independents Cool to ObamaCare • Wall Street Journal
October 5 2012

ObamaCare: Knowing What's In It • Real Clear Policy
July 11 2012

New IWV Poll: What Women Say They Want in Their Healthcare • The Hill
July 10 2012

The 'War on Women' backfires on Democrats • Fox News
June 5 2012

Deb Fischer: Anatomy of an Upset • Politico
May 21 2012

What Iowa Voters Want in a Republican Nominee • Wall Street Journal
November 19 2011

Ohio’s Health-Care Initiative Just Went National • National Review Online
October 21 2011

There Is No Male-Female Wage Gap • Wall Street Journal
April 12 2011

Battle Over Union Power Has Just Begun • Daily Caller
March 25 2011

ObamaCare's March Madness • Wall Street Journal
March 8 2011

Health Care is Hottest Issue • Red State
September 30 2010

Independents Continue Rightward Shift • Politico
September 30 2010

Independents Value Smaller Government • The Corner
September 30 2010

Higgins and Schoen on Independents • Wall Street Journal
September 30 2010

Take an Aspirin • Wall Street Journal
July 12 2010

Reconciliation “Fixes” Make Health Care Reform MORE Politically Toxic • The Weekly Standard
March 19 2010

There’s No Way to Fix Fundamentally Flawed Bill • Daily Caller
March 18 2010

Voters Ready To Punish Members Who Cave on Health Care • Daily Caller
March 16 2010

Swing Districts Oppose Health Reform • Wall Street Journal
March 15 2010

The Real Reason NOW Should Oppose the President’s Healthcare Bill • National Review Online
March 5 2010

After Massachusetts: Now What? • Townhall
February 1 2010

Gender bias in the Bay State • Daily Caller
January 19 2010

Tiger Woods and the Democrats • National Review Online
December 16 2009