Kiara Kincaid serves as the Membership Coordinator at Independent Women’s Network (IWN), where she provides support to IWN members. With a background in Free Speech Advocacy, she passionately advocates for safeguarding the constitutional freedoms that are fundamental to our society. She firmly believes in empowering Americans to fearlessly express their opinions and champion their beliefs.

Before joining the IWN team, Kiara was a Regional Field Coordinator for the Leadership Institute, actively engaging with students in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas. In this capacity, she played a pivotal role in empowering conservative and libertarian students to articulate their viewpoints on campus. She played a key role in fighting bias and flawed policies within educational institutions, while also building strong networks among student organizations and local communities.

Kiara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Constitutional Studies from the University of Oklahoma. Although originally from western North Carolina, she spent 10 years in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

When she is not engrossed in political discussions, you’ll probably find her baking mandarin orange cupcakes, exploring different coffee shops in Ohio, thrifting, or looking for the best Thai food in whatever state she is visiting.