Nicole Solas is a stay-at-home mom of two children from Rhode Island. The teachers union sued her for submitting public records requests about Critical Race Theory after her school district told her to submit the requests and then publicly threatened to sue her for submitting too many. Now Nicole advocates for school choice and academic transparency to fight back against the oppressive teachers unions and school districts that hide public information and bully parents. 

Nicole is a Massachusetts attorney and graduate of Roger Williams School of Law. As an undergraduate she studied English, Theatre, and Spanish at the University of San Diego.

Nicole was a guest on the She Thinks podcast and advocated for parental rights at IWN’s Government is Not a Co-Parent Rally. Her story first broke on Legal Insurrection and she continued to speak out against the increasingly Orwellian policies of KGB General Merrick Garland and his flying monkeys in the FBI at a Moms for America Rally.

Nicole has also appeared as a parent advocate on The Ingraham AngleTucker Carlson TonightNewsmax National Report, and National Review. Her favorite appearance was on the cover of the New York Post as a featured “domestic terrorist.” She is the 2021 winner of the Goldwater Institute Freedom Award for battling education bureaucrats.  

For more information on the teachers union lawsuit against Nicole please visit the Goldwater Institute.