Payton McNabb is an Independent Women’s Voice ambassador and marketing intern. McNabb is a high school senior and athlete. She has joined IWF to share her personal experience of competing against a biological male athlete, how her life forever changed following an injury during the game, and her desire to speak out to keep women’s sports female. 

Last fall, McNabb was knocked unconscious and exhibited a fencing response following a forceful blow to the head from a volleyball spike by a biological male playing on the opponent’s team. The sheer impact of the ball has left McNabb with significant long-term physical and mental effects, including impaired vision, partial paralysis on her right side, and anxiety and depression. 

McNabb testified before the North Carolina General Assembly in April 2023, alongside IWF Spokeswoman and 12x All-American swimmer Riley Gaines, to advocate for the passage of a Fairness in Women’s Sports Bill. During her testimony, McNabb said, “I’m here for every biological female athlete behind me. My little sister, my cousins, my teammates. Allowing biological males to compete against biological females is dangerous. I may be the first to come before you with an injury, but if this doesn’t pass I won’t be the last.” 

It is well known that males who have experienced puberty have significant, lasting athletic advantages over females in almost every sport. That’s not debatable. That’s science. And women shouldn’t have to relitigate this point with respect to specific sports at every single high school and college across the country.

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