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In 'Year of the Woman,' Poll Finds Gender Isn't Key
August 1 2018

Poll: 85% of Voters Say Candidate Gender Not a Deciding Factor in Midterms Vote
August 1 2018

Will Paul Ryan Eliminate Congress’ Exemption From ObamaCare If Elected Next House Speaker?
October 21 2015

Public Supports Ending Congressional Exemption from ObamaCare
October 13 2015

Strategy on ObamaCare repeal
September 12 2015

IWV Releases New ObamaCare Poll
June 17 2015

King v. Burwell
March 2 2015

King v. Burwell
February 28 2015

Louisiana Senate Runoff
December 4 2014

Landrieu Trailing Cassidy by 25 and 24 Percentage Points
December 4 2014

Louisiana Senate Runoff
December 2 2014

The Affordable Care Act Will Impact Democratic Candidates in All Swing States this November
September 15 2014

MS Election Day Survey: Cochran’s Victory Relied on Democrats
June 25 2014

MS Election Day Survey: Cochran's Victory Relied on Democrats
June 25 2014

The Canary in the Coal Mine: Will Congress heed the warning on their Obamacare exemptions? • The Weekly Standard
September 23 2013

94% Oppose Special Treatment for Congress on ObamaCare
September 13 2013

Americans Open to Serious Entitlement Reform For Future Generations
April 15 2013

What Debt Message Works Best?
April 15 2013

What Women Say They Want in Their Healthcare
July 10 2012

Overwhelming Majority Of Women Believe There Is No “War On Women”
June 5 2012

ObamaCare, Repeal Pledge Help Drive Deb Fischer's Victory
May 18 2012

What South Carolina Voters Want In a Nominee
November 23 2011

What New Hampshire Voters Want In a Nominee
November 22 2011

What Iowa Voters Want in a Nominee
November 21 2011

Top Line Results from IWVs Iowa Statewide Poll
November 21 2011

Health Care Polling Update
May 31 2011

Independent Women’s Voice releases comprehensive survey of the Independent Voter
September 20 2010

IWV in the Health Care Fight
August 15 2010

Victory in Hawai’i
May 23 2010

Independent Women’s Voice to Release Health Care Poll
March 20 2010

Independent Women and Dependent Democrats • In The Right
March 17 2010

Woman Trend Health Care Poll
March 15 2010

IWV and the polling company™/ Woman Trend Health Care Poll: 60% of voters in swing districts say start over or stop working on health care altogether
March 15 2010

IWV Poll: Targeted Districts
March 15 2010

IWV Poll of 35 Key Swing Districts
March 14 2010