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Women’s Bill of Rights: We know what a woman is, what a female is, and what a mother is. Our politicians and our laws should too. 


Patient Protection Commitment: You have the right to know what healthcare will cost, and they have the responsibility to tell you.


Safe Borders Petition: Demand that the Biden administration implement substantive border-control measures and secure our southern border.


Free Speech Commitment: Stand up for free speech. Reject bigotry. Reject cancel culture. 


Supreme Court Questions: See how much you know about our nation’s highest Court by taking this series of short quizzes—then tell your friends so they can see how they do. 


Electoral College Questions: See how much you know about American presidential elections and the Electoral College by taking the short quizzes. 


Immigration Questions: See how much you know about immigration by taking the short quizzes.


Champion Women: Fear of being shamed, mocked, or silenced should have no place in the national debate. Join the movement to encourage respectful, diverse, and thoughtful conversations.