The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees rights fundamental to our democratic society, including the right to freedom of speech and the right to practice our religious beliefs. A government mandate that forces Americans, acting individually or as part of a larger group, to violate their religious beliefs is an assault on ALL Americans' rights, regardless of their individual faiths.

The Obama Administration's recent decision to require employers—including religiously-affiliated hospitals, charities, and universities—to offer health insurance that includes comprehensive coverage for a variety of contraceptive and other services related to reproduction, including abortion-inducing drugs, is a clear attack on the 1st Amendment and the religious liberty of believers of all stripes, as well as an assault on the freedom of association we all enjoy.

This is yet another unconstitutional feature of a health care plan that was constitutionally flawed from the start. It is no surprise that the unprecedented expansion of power contained in ObamaCare would lead to the violation of such fundamental rights we enjoy as Americans.

We, the under-signed, stand up for the 1st Amendment rights of ALL Americans to practice their religion free of government interference, and demand the Obama Administration rescind this rule.