Women of all ages face challenges in today’s economy. But women who are approaching retirement age often find themselves in particularly precarious financial situations. 

New polling from Independent Women’s Forum identified that 89% of women worry they can’t afford to retire and won’t be able to find comparable work if they lose their current jobs. . 

To support women in this age group and bolster their financial security, lawmakers can commit to:

Greater Financial Options and Income Security

Transparent, Upfront Healthcare Prices

  • Require hospitals and healthcare providers to share all pricing information publicly, so that patients can shop around or at least plan for healthcare expenses. Women make most healthcare decisions and use more health care than men.
  • Make health insurance plans portable from job to job. Ultimately, this means dissolving the link between employment and insurance and strengthening the insurance market. 

Affordable Housing Costs

Elder Care and Caregiving Peace of Mind

Boost Retirement Security