IWV believes that government should be responsible to those it serves. We highlight the costs of government overreach and overspending, which often include more than just wasted taxpayer dollars, but less economic opportunity and a more corrupt economic system that rewards the powerful at the expense of the rest of us.

Reducing Government Waste:

Government’s overspending and mismanagement hurts the economy and taxpayers. Some government spending initiatives are clearly wasteful and ought to be cut. And even programs that sound compassionate, such as extended unemployment benefits and generous welfare programs, often backfire and harm those they are intended to help. IWV supports an alternative vision of an efficient government that targets aid and intervention where it is really needed so that a thriving private sector and civil society can emerge. Learn more by visiting:


Preventing Corruption:

Many programs and interventions into the economy that are sold as necessary to meet an important goal—such as to help workers, protect consumers, or improve the environment—actually serve to enrich big business and the politically-connected. This damages our economy, destroys small businesses, discourages entrepreneurship, and raises costs and taxes for Americans. We need greater transparency and streamlined government programs that create a level playing field for American businesses. Learn more by visiting:


Cutting Spending:

IWV supports a federal government that is committed to fiscal discipline and cutting spending. Much like an American household, the federal government should live within its means by not spending more than it takes in. It’s crucial to restore the federal government to its proper size by cutting unnecessary spending, eliminating deficits, reforming entitlement programs, and creating a fairer, less burdensome tax code. Learn more by visiting: