Thank you for submitting comments to the Biden administration and urging the Department of Education to rescind proposed Title IX rules that will effectively erase women.

If the Department’s proposed rules are allowed to take effect, they will require schools to allow any male who identifies as a woman to compete on women’s sports teams! This isn’t right. And it isn’t fair.

But the proposed rules will impact much more than just sports. If enacted, these rules will: 

  • allow any male who identifies as a woman to share a dorm room with a female student, use the women’s locker room, and rush a sorority;
  • pressure schools into policing and punishing as a form of ‘sexual harassment’ any speech that does not conform to current gender ideology about sex, sex roles, gender, or gender identity; 
  • eliminate constitutionally guaranteed due process protections, including the right to know what you are accused of and the right to test those allegations through cross-examination; and 
  • Subvert the rights of parents

IWV is fighting back. But we need your help! In addition to contacting the Department of Education, please consider:

Please take action to help us protect women’s spaces, parental rights, free speech, and due process of law. We must save our schools by taking back Title IX.