An excellent piece by Sally Pipes, author of The Truth about Obamacare, notes that quite a few states are fighting back against the administration’s health care system.  

Some states are saying that they don’t have the authority to enforce the law, while Colorado recently put an initiative on the ballot that would block the controversial mandate forcing citizens to purchase health insurance.  These actions aren’t as quixotic as some would have us believe.

Pipes notes:

The states are pushing back against the feds for two primary reasons. First, Obamacare will saddle public and private payers alike with huge new costs at a time when most are still struggling to recover from the recession – which may not even be over yet. Second, the health reform law will dramatically curtail individual freedom and force people to comply with Washington's dictates on what constitutes "acceptable" health insurance.

Obamacare is like an iceberg. The federal government's tab is merely the observable tip. The bulk of the costs – to individuals, businesses and the states – are hidden.

 No wonder that even some states with Democratic governors are dubious about Obamacare.