At the start of the pandemic, my kids did Zooms with their public school. The Zooms taught nothing. It was a catch-up session and talk session. They learned absolutely nothing. We made the decision as a family to enroll them in cyber school. I was scared, nervous, and didn’t know what to expect. It was the best decision we made. Not only did the school catch them up on missed information, they are ahead of their peers at their local school. The whole program was better. Staffing and correspondence was fantastic. They returned your call/email/text usually within the hour. If not, it was well before the end of the day. They were always available to help my kids when needed and great teachers! Our district superintendent sent out a fear-mongering email to past and current families about how bad cyber schools were, etc… Spreading lies and fear among parents to keep them at their district school so they can keep the tax dollars. And, that was one of the major reasons the superintendent gave as a reason to stay in your district school. What I want to know, is why our cyber school can run a better educational program with only 3/4 of the tax money? What are our district schools doing with this money? Maybe they should be taking a real hard look at what they are using to spend the money on. We don’t need a new spiffy football field…we need better books and teachers. Our children are our future and we need to start acting like it.