When the pandemic hit our area, my son’s school sent everyone home, and since my son is a motivated self learner he adjusted well to online school. The problem started when our school system decided to drop letter grades and change everything to Pass/No Pass. This hurt all of the students with AP classes who were trying their best to compete with other students across the nation as their overall weighted GPA has suffered as they could no longer get the higher weighed grades they were striving to get. At the beginning of the fall term it was a struggle to get a quality online education as our school system didn’t want to offer an alternate school choice since they were sure that they would go back to In-Person learning in a week or two. Now five months later, my son doesn’t want to go back because he thinks our school system is a joke. We found a quality online school choice for our son, but we have to pay for some of the classes he wanted out of pocket. This is not the quality “free” public education our educators and teachers unions have promised. I doubt that our schools will open during this academic year as promised, and my son’s entire senior year will have been completely online, lacking that immersive learning experience. School sports were always a part of my son’s education, and last year his swim team went to the high school state competition for individual and relay events. Since there are no school sports this year, this has been a huge hole in my son’s overall educational experience.