I have twin 10-year-old daughters and when asked about “distance learning,” one said “it could be better.” When I revisited the issue with a bit more focus, she said, “it can be difficult completing assignments because it is hard sitting in front of a screen… I would like to go back to school when it is safe.” I asked her what does safe mean…. Her response was “when there is not that many cases….” Her twin sister said, “it’s hard like not being able to see my friends everyday and to not be able to play with them. It is hard to have to always keep your camera on. It is easier to have people just talk to you…that’s just how I feel.” And, as a parent, I have seen my very interactive and excited-to-learn children transition to what would be expected in this environment; they are present but it comes with its challenges. I do not like them having so much screen time and now hope groups like IWF begin to lobby to put the funds and resources in the hands and homes of families—to allow the decision making in exposure and extra curricular engagement. This is where we are and, like in “The Color Purple,” the spirit of nature is saying “Till you do right by me…” so #whenweready Laquandra Nesbitt

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