Food prices, Groceries, gas, and medications should be affordable for everyone, not so expensive that no one [can] afford it. The government and anyone who [is] behind it should be held accountable and be in jail for this. Rising costs and supply shortages are impacting everyone’s lives and should be lower not being so expensive. The government shouldn’t overspend nor short-sighted economic policies is it wrong and illegal there should be a law preventing them from doing that. The Government should stop it with the spending sprees and end it for good. Lifesaving medicine shouldn’t be so expensive cause there [are] people who [need] them. Food and Groceries shouldn’t be so expensive either. Everyone needs affordable food, groceries, and Medicine to live. It should be a crime rising Food prices, groceries, and medicine so expensive that no one can’t afford them. That just wrong and should never be messed with at all