The trans cult took my vibrant quirky daughter, drained the joy from her, convinced her she was actually a boy, and that I was a threat. She came out during her freshman year in college, but this bug was planted in her head during high school and was kept from us. My failure to comply with her new name, pronoun demands, and pseudoscientific nonsense meant I was cut off.

Meanwhile, extended family who spent less than a single Thanksgiving with her were suddenly very active in her life, ‘affirming’ and nursing her identity crisis. There was no reason to suspect she would have fell for any of this. She was a high honor student, on the math team, and very active in theater and music. She even worked through high school as a kids birthday party entertainer dressing like Disney princesses.

Despite being active in her school, I had no idea they were introducing these ideas to kids in 2012 or any reason to suspect it. It would be like finding out teachers were telling students they were really space aliens if they felt like they didn’t fit in. It’s all a form of escapism, and being a member of the anointed class of this state-sanctioned religion gives them a shield from the bullying they get as misfit kids.

This ordeal is an ongoing nightmare. Although she now calls herself nonbinary and stopped calling herself a man, it wasn’t before she changed her name and poisoned her healthy body with testosterone. She now has constant joint issues that sometime require the use of a cane, and I no longer recognize the sound of her voice.

I will never forgive the medical professionals. They didn’t just allow this to happen, but pushed and profited from it–from the therapists who refused to listen to me and her father, to the physicians that blindly provided experimental doses of testosterone, to the state’s Department of Public Health that refused to act on my complaint. Anyone can become a parent, but doctors are supposed to know better. Patients or parents asking to mutilate children should be reported to social services, not affirmed. Medical ethics is dead.