The skyrocketing prices in all areas negatively affect my household budget. Grocery prices have gone up significantly this past year. We are a retired couple living on social security and a small retirement fund. I am 77, and watching prices go up as much as they have this past year is frightening. Sometimes, one feels they have to choose between medicines and groceries or even leaving their home because of the gas prices. Our case is not that bad, but where I live, in a retirement community 55+, it is that bad for some. I wanted to repaint my kitchen, a small galley L-shaped kitchen. It takes one gallon of paint. I had painted it two years ago, and the price per gallon of good paint was around $45. When I purchased the gallon this time, it was $80. No one can say to me that inflation has not occurred. The cost of the paint, in my opinion, is directly connected with the oil lines being shut down and attached to this administration’s plan to control the American population as much as possible. We are careful, yet never in my wildest dreams did I believe our country would succumb to a socialist government such as the Biden administration. Unless people wake up and begin to scratch beneath the surface of what is happening, they will find a world they did not dream of living in. I deal with people older than I am on an almost daily basis. The depression that I see is evident, not only because of the mismanaged virus issues but because it is so expensive to live in a good way these days—a very sad state of affairs.