Rhode Island

I am a retired teacher, and I am embarrassed and disgusted by the actions and speech coming from the AFT and NEA. Hmm, where did Randi Weingarten get $2.5 million for the defense of those who teach CRT by any other name.

Teachers, who do not support but go along to get along, does it come from your union dues? If so, you are complicit if you don’t stand up and speak up. Or does it come from another source? If so, that bears investigation of the puppeteers.

Parents, organize as you never have before because you are challenging a formidable force that counts on your lack of information/involvement. Run for School Boards and legislatures where the decisions are made. Make your voices heard loud and clear. Demand school choice wherein the public funds, your tax dollars, go with your children to your/their schools of choice. Public schools cannot long survive without the support of the public, us.

Remember home schooling, which is an arduous undertaking for individuals, might be better accomplished by working collaboratively with others of like mind. Bear in mind that School Board will dictate the curricula, and hoops you have to jump through, for it. Your children are our future. “Kids FIRST in Education.”