In April 2022, I scheduled an appointment for a yearly checkup at one of the offices that is part of Lutheran Health Network (LHN). Past yearly checkup appointments were considered preventative and covered 100% by my health insurance.

Then, a few weeks after the appointment, I received two separate bills totaling approximately $1500 for this yearly checkup. At no time during the appointment did any LHN employee say anything about costs or insurance coverage (or the lack thereof). Shortly after receiving the two bills, I received a letter demanding payment. I spent several hours on the phone with LHN trying to get answers explaining why I received bills for a yearly checkup, and LHN refused to provide answers and demanded that I work with my insurance company. I checked with my insurance company and the yearly checkup should have been covered.

I no longer support LHN. Instead, I found a doctor who does not take any insurance, and all patients pay for their own services/medicines. Yes, the doctor is a licensed M.D./D.O. All prices for procedures and medicines are clearly listed on the office’s website. Also, when discussing care, the doctor explains all options and immediately says the prices (without being asked).

Hopefully, in the future, more doctors follow the lead of my [new] doctor.

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