I had two out of three children with special needs and this is what I know. Too many individuals in the schools systems across the US were in education as a job, not as a vocation. Anyone who knows their students and cares about their wellbeing would not support online teaching. Social and emotional development is not compatible to the isolation online teaching provides. Online teaching methods will only allow a small percentage of children to thrive. The rest of the learning ways are removed and the result is rare intellectual advancement will be possible. The isolation and lack from peers and the nurturing invested adults had in all areas of development will throw children in reverse in their intellectual advancement and create mental and emotional hardships that will be present for years to come. Teachers that love their job are suffering along with their students, knowing many will not survive their education once this is over. Many will drop out, but worse, many are now vulnerable to drug use and suicide. This will cost lives. The virus didn’t make kids sick, the numbers never justified this outcome.