Applauding the overwhelming passage of Ohio's Ballot Issue 3 – the Ohio Health Care Freedom Amendment – Independent Women's Voice President & CEO Heather Higgins tonight said its passage sends a strong message to the Supreme Court that Americans are counting on the Court to declare ObamaCare unconstitutional and overturn it.

"In what will be the last clear statement of public opinion, the voters of Ohio sent an unambiguous message: Can you hear us now? Americans reject this harmful government take-over of their health care decisions, and are counting on the Court to overturn it.

"The overwhelming passage of the Ohio Health Care Freedom initiative is a major victory,” said Higgins. “While Big Labor and the mainstream media have focused on Issue 2 and the massive union turnout to repeal Gov. Kasich’s S.B. 5, we knew that if Ohioans could be made aware that Issue 3 was on the ballot — and more importantly, understood its importance as a vehicle for sending a message to the Supreme Court — they would want to be heard loud and clear.” 

Indeed, Issue 3 has prevailed by an even larger margin than Issue 2. “It's a major victory not only for Ohioans, but also for all who care about liberty, freedom and choice in their health care decisions. And it leaves no doubt that there is a bipartisan demand for reversal of ObamaCare,” said Higgins.

"ObamaCare has never been popular,” said Higgins. “The American people didn’t want it before it was passed, they didn’t want it when it was passed, and they haven’t wanted it since it’s been passed. The more people have learned what is in the bill – the more they’ve learned about the burdensome mandates, the tax increases, the bureaucracy and the government interference in the relationships between patients and their doctors – the more they’ve rejected ObamaCare.

"That overwhelming public sentiment against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is now well known, and today’s vote reaffirms it,” continued Higgins. “It should be struck down by the Supreme Court as the unconstitutional menace that it is. We expect that it will be.

“Independent Women’s Voice was proud to play a role in Ohio on behalf of Issue 3. The substantial mail, phones, and targeted online advertising we rolled out over the last ten days in Ohio complemented well the extraordinary fieldwork done by thousands of grass roots volunteers and the efforts of other outside organizations dedicated to liberty.

"We at IWV will continue to fight for individuals making their own decisions with regard to their health insurance and their health care, and we will continue the fight to defund, deauthorize and repeal ObamaCare."